No Children - Reality (2004)

01. To The World
02. We Are Not Alone
03. Everything Turns Red
04. Life Is Made To Roll
05. Freedom (The Ones)
06. Mend The Pieces
07. ¿Quién soy yo?
08. Burning Flags
09. The Place I Belong
10. Time To Kill
11. Points Of Start
12. Bleeding Into Scars

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- skate punk / melodic hardcore -
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This band, originally from Mallorca was united by music and friendship in the late 90’s. With a self-released demo and two full-length albums behind them, No Children toured a great part of the world sharing the stage with bands like Samiam, Strung Out, Chiodos, No Fun At All, The Offspring and many others...

- Sample song: We Are Not Alone -