Junky Donkey - Who Wants To Believe? (2008)

01. Trust
02. Who wants to believe?
03. Keeping feelings in
04. The second pair for just one more euro
05. Something has changed
06. ¿Qué harías tú?
07. Wake up
08. Caroline
09. Sin saber que decir
10. Manola
11. I miss you two
12. We are the ones
13. Foolish games
14. Lazy girl
15. Uncle Roger vs the flu

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- punk rock / melodic hardcore -
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Junky Donkey started with their first formation (Nacho, Lolo and Juan) on late 1999. On 2004 David joins the band as second guitarist and on 2011 Nacho leaves the band so they go again to the classic three punk-rock formation.
They have shared stage with many national and international bands such as Bombshell Rock's (GE), Beerbong (IT), Banshee and something else I can't remember (PT), Nine Eleven (FR) or Mute (CAN). On 2009 they make their first European tour visiting countries like Germany, Poland, Slovakia, Netherlands or Belgium.
They are a powerful live band very involved with their audience, elaborated melodies and a huge diversity in their set list.
Though the music they play is very influenced by American punk-rock and Melodic Hardcore, it is easy to make out different styles which go from Trash to Metal or even Ska.

- Sample song: Lazy Girl -