The Joke - Shots Of Stark Reality EP (2012)

01. Last Threat
02. God's fired
03. One night only Queen
04. Land of Black Ashes

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- punk rock / melodic hardcore -
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It all began in 2008 in a dusty old garage on the outskirts of Girona. Some friends met after work or leaving the University, to chat and to play for a while. They used to play covers from bands like Bad Religion, Nofx, Offspring, Millencolin, Pennywise, ... That punk which some people call it “Californian punk": melodic and energetic. Over time, the band was completed. Step by step, those "disconnection moments " was turned into a compromise; music was replaced those long chats, and then, there came their own songs, written in English. And The Joke was born. The first live show was during the spring of 2009, and since then, we’ve brought their punk-rock at the ‘ATV’ (Sarria de Ter), ‘Mariscal’ (Estartit), ‘La Mirona’ (Salt), ‘El Blau Club’ (Girona), ‘Eclectic’ (Torello, BCN) ... We’ve played at festivals (University of Girona, neighborhoods, towns ,...), and participated in contests, shows and festivals for emergent groups. Our live show is vibrant, energetic and doesn’t leave indifferent. During the 2009 fall, we recorded, self-produced and self-edited our first CD/demo with 8 songs: The Worst Joke Ever Told'.

- Sample song: God's fired -