Useless ID - Symptoms (2012)


01. Live Or Die
02. Before It Kills
03. Normal With You
04. Erratic
05. Manic Depression
06. Sleeping With Knives
07. Symptoms
08. Obsessive Compulsive Disorder
09. New Misery
10. Waiting For An Accident
11. Fear In The Mirror
12. Somewhere

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Useless ID is a four-piece punk rock band, formed in Haifa, Israel in 1994. Known as one of the most successful Israeli punk bands worldwide.
The 12 tracks on Symptoms ooze with all the irresistible appeal of songs popularized by genre heavyweights Rise Against, No Use For a Name, and Alkaline Trio, yet clearly maintain a cohesive and unique perspective from start to finish. Individually each song is a hit, and collectively Symptoms is
Useless ID’s piece de resistance.

Note: 192kbps, as soon as a better quality rip leaks, I will post it.

- Sample song: Before It Kills -