[NEWS] New 'Jacuzzi Fiend' record

From the Jacuzzi Fiend newsletter:

Greetings fiends! This is JFiend founder and frontman, Chance Raspberry. After a lengthy and unexpected delay, it is with great pleasure that I am finally announcing the release of my new solo album, "Old Souls...Young Hearts". Downloadable "Single Versions" of all 10 tracks from the new LP will be released as each track is completed! The debut single, In You, is already out on iTunes, Amazon, and more. The new track, Chasing The Sunset, will be released as a download on MARCH 1st, 2012.

The release date of each additional song will precede its debut, and will be announced on JacuzziFiend.com and in the new
JFiend Newsletter (to sign up, write to jacuzzixfiend@hotmail.com). Once the album is officially complete, I will announce the release date of the pressed CD. This hard copy "Special Edition" will contain the official "Album Versions" of all 10 singles (featuring guest performances), two all-new bonus tracks not available online, and a FREE download code for the premiere single off my next album (already in progress!) Hard copies will be sold on Amazon, CD Baby, and a couple secret vendors to be announced. However, all CDs purchased directly from me via PayPal will be SIGNED and include FREE Bonus Merch!

And here's the best part - because all 10 songs will be available for download before the release of the finished album,
you can play a role in its completion!! As you listen to each song, simply e-mail any positive feedback to crsuggestions@hotmail.com (Subject: Suggestion for "Song Title".) As long as your criticism is constructive it will be taken to heart, and anyone who provides a suggestion I use will have their name included in the album credits. This is your chance to be a part of my first ever Fan-Crafted CD!!!

To those wondering what to expect from this release, let me just say that this album embodies everything (and more) I wish I could have done with Jacuzzi Fiend! Now that studio time and money are no longer an issue, I've pulled out all the stops with these songs and really pushed myself (and my music) beyond anything I've done or heard before. The album embodies my favorite elements of skatepunk, pop, and metal, and with its longest playlist of songs to date, ranging from lightening fast to power ballad, "Old Souls...Young Hearts" is truly my most diverse release yet!!

Chasing The Sunset, from the upcoming record: