Cambridge - This Is Not A Victory (2010)


01. Kubark
02. PNS
03. Hole In The Ground
04. The Neverending Story
05. Anymore
06. Middle Of Nowhere
07. Broken Watch
08. Bush Haters
09. It’s All Over, Man
10. 10,000 Shares

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- skate punk / melodic hardcore -
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Hailing from Vancouver, BC, Cambridge plays a brand of punk rock that is hard to encapsulate. Mixing politics, social maladjustment, and personal anger with speed, melody and hardcore ethics, they hold true to the DIY roots and styles of the past while pushing the envelope of originality. Their second full length release 'This Is Not A Victory' is 10 incendiary tracks, all at break-neck speeds, dealing with topics like torture, heartbreak, war, corporate greed, environmental catastrophe and other betrayed ideals. The passion in the lyrics resonates and the anger on the surface is matched by music that will have you banging your head, raising your fist and singing along. 'This Is Not A Victory' reminds you that punk rock doesn’t have to be resigned to simple songs, with simple messages, and that anger and music combined can be a unifiying, positive experience.

- Sample song: Kubark -