VA - Once You Pop, You Can't Stop - Vol 2 (2011)

01. Scarlet - No Forever
02. The Fullblast - Ministicks
03. 4no1 - Falling Down
04. Staring Back - What You Came For
05. Incomplete - Rend
06. More Hurt Than Needed - Them Years
07. Anhelo - Cambios
08. Wacky Kids - I Never Fell In Love
09. Steamboat Rally - Sell Fish
10. First To Leave - Under Arms
11. Average Joe Aspiring - Homeward Bound
12. Fat Kid Running - What It Feels Like
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- poppy skate punk / melodic hardcore -
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Once You Pop, You Can't Stop is poppy melodic hardcore compilation I did some years ago. The sound that I wanted to give to this compilation was that kind of poppy skatepunk in the vein of Rufio, Sick Of Change, etc. So this is not a fast punk-pop compilation, just melodic hardcore / skate punk bands singing on a poppy way.

3 years after the release of the first volume, the guys from the skatepunkers forum brings you the second volume (you can download Vol 1 from here).

Check readme.txt for other info, like song info or authors. Use also the forum post if you want to give feedback or ask for any further info about anything.
Hope you like the comp, I personally enjoy this comp A LOT!

- Sample song: Steamboat Rally - Sell Fish -