The Ataris & Useless ID - Let it Burn (2001)

The Ataris
01.The Radio Still Sucks
02. Song For a Mix Tape
03. P.S. The Scene Is Dead
04. Blue Skies, Broken Hearts...Next 12 Exits
05. Let It Burn
06. How I Spent My Summer Vacation
07. On With the Show
08. San Dimas High School Football Rules
09. Too Bad You Don't Get It
Useless Id
10. Questions + Answers
11. Run
12. Time to Move On
13. Have a Nice Life
14. Lost Once Again
15. Not to Wait
16. Something
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- punk pop / melodic punk pop -
[ - The Ataris - ]
[ - Useless ID - ]

Let it Burn is a split album by pop punk bands The Ataris and Useless ID. It was released on CD by Kung Fu Records and on LP by Yo Yo Records in Germany.
The main reason of uploading this is the sample song below, go and listen.

- Sample song: The Ataris - Let It Burn -