Lapdog - Knight For A Day (1995)

01. Solitary Efforts
02. Institutions
03. Knight For A Day
04. Wave At Me
05. Dismal Times
06. Pressure
07. Unarmed
08. Someone Special

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Lapdog is a punk rock band formed in 1992, and in 1995 they released a mini-CD called "Knight for a day" on legendary label Ampersand Records, run by Jose Saxlund (Abhinanda) and Dennis Lyxén (Refused). "Knight For A Day" was released with the bands first line-up:
Alexander Holmberg - Vocals & guitar, Christopher Holmberg - Drums, Bengt Wahlin - Bass, Tomas Andersson - Guitar.
Their main influences comes from the american melodic punk and hardcore scene, from which they have formed their own sound.
The band has unfortunatly seen several eras of down-time due to personal reasons and substance abuse, but since 2009 Lapdog has been back, stronger than ever, and this time clean. Alexander never stopped composing during these down-times, which means that there are a lot of songs to pass around, enough to cover at least two more albums.

This is a classic swedish release. A must have for any skatepunkrocker!

- Sample song: Dismal Times -