Chubb - See You At The Rodeo? (1997)

01. Big Brother
02. Feelings
03. Lose Our Heads
04. You Don't Know
05. You Do Know
06. Challenged
07. Genuine
08. Ska!Baby!
09. We Got Skeewz
10. Loving You
11. Mass Rebellion
12. Solution
13. Money Sucking 'Ho
14. Break Out
15. Fucked Up
16. Pukin' My Guts Out
17. Into The Shuffle
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- skate punk -

Chubb formed in 1995 in Dean's (drummer) basement. Original members were Joe Brownrigg on vocals, Steve Boudreau on bass and backup vocals, and Dean Hadji on drums. Their influences included Satanic Surfers, Propagandhi, NOFX, No Use For A Name, and Face To Face. This is their first album, released independently in 1997.

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- Sample song: Mass Rebellion -