Startoday - Another Chance (2011)

01. Intro
02. Imaginary World
03. Heroes Of The Absurd
04. Everything Falls
05. Another Chance
06. Hand Of Fate
07. Remorses And Regrets
08. All My Fears
09. From The Rubble And From The Dust
10. Anger In My Heart
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- screaming melodic hardcore / hardcore -
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Startoday is a hardcore band, born in April 2007. They recorded in October 2008 an EP called "Illusion" in Rome by Alex Gavazzi (Jet Market) @ Hell Smell Studio and mixed/mastered in Santeramo (BA) in December 2008 by Massimo Stano @ Studio Mediterraneo. Out since January 2009 under the edge of Indelirium Records and also distribuited in Japan by Fastcircle Recors.
Here's their first full-length. If you like fast and aggressive melodic hardcore, this is your album!

- Sample song: Remorses And Regrets -