VA - Punk Rock Concoction Volume 3 (2008)

01. Chaser - Sickness
02. A Wilhelm Scream - I Wipe My Ass With Showbiz
03. Pour Habit - Tomahawk
04. Raised Under Reagan - Note In A Bottle
05. The Bastard Suns - Pirates of the Whiskey Sea
06. One Word Solution - Welcome to America
07. Skyline Collapse - Challenge the Ghost
08. The Logan - Bed and Breakfast
09. Setoff - Who Invited these Fucking Fuckers
10. By All Means - Maybes and Possibilities
11. The Dwarves - Dominator
12. One Big Lie - Blinded
13. Hit the Switch - Lone Child
14. Majority Lost - Soul for Sale
15. Get Dead - Only Human
16. Raised by Apes - Drug Test
17. Doesitmatter - Cash In
18. Cambridge - A Corporation is not a Person
19. Shiver - The Voice of Treason
20. Unfallen Heroes - Something to Live For
21. Sixes and Sevens - No Solution
22. The Last Priority - America's Hijacked
23. Critical Me - King Greed
24. Uprise - Get Yourself Out
25. Media Control - Broadcast
26. VW Trainwreck - Jailbait
27. Large Lump Sum - Johnny Strikes Again
28. Kill the Kids - Heya 1

- punk rock / 90's melodic hardcore -
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Punkrock Concoction is a complete DIY punk effort. The bands and our sponsors fund these projects so that they can give you good music for FREE! This is about bands working together for the scene. Fuck selfishness, fuck narcicism, fuck elitism, fuck emo (I had to throw that in).
Punkrock Concoction is aimed at putting together bands' favorite (or best) songs...the ones that stick in your head for days and make you hum in your head until your read the lyrics...then you're like "fuck, this band is good". The comps will be good from start to finish and may actually help you open up to new styles, new names, new companies, new record labels, and most importantly new bands.

If you like any band of the compilation and if you would like to have their albums, please, ask them on the forum and people will try to help you out.