Spare Lead - Let's Run Faster When We Have Lost Our Way (2007)

01. Forever
02. End, The
03. Is It Useless?
04. Round Like an 8
05. Stay Ahead
06. Threat Is Real, The
07. If You Don't Want Me to Eat You, Say Something
08. See Pages Burn
09. Just Try
10. You're Single, So Mingle
11. Giving up on Breaking Down
12. Nothing For You
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- skate punk / melodic hardcore
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Spare Lead has been around since January of 1997 and have since been told they own a piece of Portland's punk scene! They have shared the stage with popular national acts, such as the Suicide Machines, Good Riddance, Slick Shoes, A Wilhelm Scream, Agnostic Front, The Casualties, The Exploited, Home Grown, Death by Stereo, Ann Beretta and the Voodoo Glow Skulls, just to name a few, and have toured up and down the west coast numerous times.

Spare Lead is back with an exceptional new full-length, and this time around the members have stepped up their skills to a new level that will leave punk fans begging for more. Let's Run Faster offers a unique blend of all punk genres, from hardcore to pop, with fast-melodic guitar riffs, technical drumbeats, and an original vocal style. This is a definite must for any fan of aggressive punk in the vein of Rise Against, Good Riddance, or Strike Anywhere.

- Sample song: Is It Useless? -