[NEWS] Matt Hawks from Hit the Switch joins Pour Habit

This is what they had to say about their newest member addition:

"As some of you may know, ever since our friend/guitarist Shaun Nix had to leave the band for personal reasons, we have been touring as a four piece with only one guitar. Well, ever since we got back from our last tour with Pepper, we have seriously been considering who could complete our picture. Well Hallelujia! We found someone rad! Everybody, with a warm welcome, say hello to our longtime friend and amazing musician, Matt Hawkes! He is the founder, lead singer, and guitarist of one of our favorite bands EVER, Hit The Switch. This doesn't mean Hit The Switch won't still be playing! Matt will just be pulling double duty! All you guys need to know is that we have been practicing with him and it sounds AWESOME! We are seriously stoked to have such an awesome person as a full time member of Pour Habit and you can see the spectacle at our shows below."

April 8th POUR HABIT : The Roxy, Hollywood, CA - Opening for the Foundation

April 9th POUR HABIT : DiPiazzas Long Beach, CA - Got Your Back CDRelease SHOW!

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