VA - Skatepunkers Forum Comp Vol 15 - Kurtpunk (2010)

back to the 90's

1. Over it- ignore the noise
2. Ritter- Free
3. District 7- all time low
4. Marathon- Painting by numbers
5. Beerbong- Rainbow eyes
6. Part Time Killer- kill em all
7. Ten foot pole- gnarly charlie
8. Men o´steel- one way up
9. Slick shoes- we were young
10. 1208- pick your poison
11. Yellowcard- on the brink
12. Side out- Harmonic
13. Marsh mallows- Qualcosa di nessuno
14. Adhesive- Punk Is A Bunch Of Kids With Funny Haircuts
15. Another year- letters
16. Subb- unleaded
17. I against i- maybe tomorrow
18. Laylaw- Dying circle
19. Side out- why
20. Unfold- one more inche
21. Simple assumption- puppet on a string
22. Near miss- call for help
23. Adhesive- Silence itself is a form of oppresion
24. The fairlanes- this amp goes to 11
25. M-Sixteen- Fill the gap
26. Shelter- Spirits blinded
27. The almighty kingpin- only anger

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