The Kindled - Restore (2008)

01. Intro
02. A Remedy For Reality
03. Masking Tape And Lies
04. An Assembly Line, A Masterpiece
05. United We Arise
06. The Thorn In Our Side
07. The Power Of Pride

08. Interlude
09. The Calm Before
10. The Storm
11. Our War
12. Restore
13. Our Vanquished Dreams
14. My Own Legacy
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The Kindled's debut album "Restore" features 14 energetic songs that are subtly intertwined both musically and lyrically. Filled with intricate rhythms, catchy riffs, and melodic vocals, the themed album balances itself to form an off-shoot brand of hardcore punk that is both original and inspiring. The Kindled recorded their CD at the legendary studio: The Blasting Room, placing them in the same company as such acts as The Casualties, Good Riddance, Only Crime, Anti-Flag, A Wilhelm Scream, and Rise Against. The sonic quality is evident in both the soothing musical interludes and the violent breakdowns.

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