Break The Silence - Near Life Experience (2004)

01. At War With Instinct
02. Six Foot Revolver
03. The Likes Of Me
04. Iris
05. Moving Day
06. Natoma
07. Close My Eyes
08. Break The Silence
09. Forgiven, Not Forgotten
10. A Piece Of Mind
11. Ocean's Away
12. Slaughter Of The Soul
13. Drawbridge
14. Loud & Clear

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- screaming melodic hardcore -
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Break The Silence were a melodic hardcore band with some screaming vocal. It make the band kind of different of other melodic hardcore band. The album, Near Life Experience is compose of fourtheen angry tracks.This album is Break The Silence first and only one album so far. The lyrics usually talk about politic, emotion, society and the world. The sound is quite hard and fast, you will surely like it if you like band such as Wilhelm Scream, Rise Against and Strike Anywhere. You will also notice that it is the same singer that goes from normal vocal to screaming

- Sample song: Close My Eyes -