Smartbomb - Diamond Heist (2008)

01. Barely Legal
02. Who's The Terrorist Now?
03. Lesson Learned
04. The City Of Worcester
05. Crucial Times
06. Second View
07. Avoid The Lloyd
08. PCH (Intermission)
09. In My Dreams
10. Blood And Sand
11. My Wicked Mind
12. Undercurrents
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- melodic hardcore -
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Smartbomb is wasting no time shedding the side project ties and is quickly jumping to the frontlines of the punk rock scene. This is evident with their hectic touring schedule but most prominently on their debut full length, Diamond Heist. Diamond Heist, which was nearly four years in the making, showcases an obvious progression but don't let this progression fool you into thinking Smartbomb is out of touch with their roots. Diamond Heist is still very much fast, snotty, and punk.