Monday, May 30, 2016

For Fans of Randy: Eight Miles High and The Red Sexy Band

Today we would like to introduce you two bands that sounds very similar to Randy's 'The Rest Is Silence Era', Eight Miles High and The Red Sexy Band. There isn't too much information about these two bands on the net so if you have further info, please contact us so we can add more information to this post.

The Red Sexy Band was a skate punk band from Girona, Spain. They sound exactly the same as Randy's 'The Rest Is Silence' era. The band released an album, 'This Could Be A Sexy World' (1999) via Outline Records and a split with 'Non Violence Begins With Breakfast' (2001) via Marx vs. Bakunin Records.

Click here to listen 'This Could Be A Sexy World'

Eight Miles High were a skate punk band from Copenhagen , Denmark. When you listen to the EP 'Things We Meant To Say'  which was released in 1999, you think you are listening to Randy because they sounds exactly the same. Some members also played in the band Freddy The Rude Fluteplayer.

Click here to listen 'Eight Miles High'
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