Friday, October 25, 2013

'How Far Nostalgia Takes You' a tribute to GOB

Stay Asleep Productions will be releasing a tribute album titled 'How Far Nostalgia Takes You' to the canadian punk rock band GOB on October 29th. There will be 12 tracks from some really cool bands who grew up on Gob.

01. Cricket - You're Too Cool
02. Adelleda - Beauville
03. Curbside - Sleepyhead
04. Beerstain, Handshake! - Custer's Last One Night Stand
05. Attention Anyone - On These Days
06. Dead To Rights - Asshole TV
07. June & July - Soda
08. Booze Cruise - Self Appointed Leader
09. The Weekend Ends - Break
10. IVS - What To Do
11. World War Nothing - Suds
12. The Old Wives - Extra, Extra!
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