Saturday, September 21, 2013

No Use For A Name - Full Album of Songs From Compilations (1987 - 2010)

Somebody uploaded to YouTube a compilation of rare No Use For A Name songs from 1987 to 2010 that you can listen below. This is what the uploader posted on the video description.

I noticed that a lot of these songs were not on YouTube at all so I decided to create this compilation of all of their non-album songs from various compilations (excluding live versions). These are more or less in chronological order of recording or release date. As a longtime No Use For A Name fan I wanted to put this together as a contribution to the other fans to be able to appreciate the timeline of Tony Sly's music that cannot be found on their albums.

Click here to listen to the compilation

1. Gang Way [Ramon Gras on vocals] - first NUFAN release from 1987 (starts @ 0:00)
2. What!?! [Chris Dodge on vocals] (2:11)
3. I've Heard (4:50)
4. People Suck (6:31)
5. Turning Japanese (8:44)
6. Laverne and Shirley (12:18)
7. The Munsters (13:36)
8. Evita (14:15)
9. Sara Fisher (18:24)
10. Always Carrie (Demo) (18:58)
11. Hybrid Moments (21:43)
12. Enjoy The Silence (23:24)
13. Let Me Down (Early Version) (26:09)
14. Fields of Agony (Acoustic) (29:10)
15. This Ain't No Way to Live (31:59)
16. Selwyn's Got a Problem [Matt Riddle on vocals] (34:44)
17. Fatal Flu (Acoustic) (36:45)
18. 1945 (39:35)
19. Coming Too Close (Acoustic) (41:58)
20. Badfish (46:02)
21. Dream Police (49:10)

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