Top 10 Best Skatepunk Drummer

There's a 'Top 10 Best Skatepunk Drummer' voting going on on the skatepunkers forum. It's free and you can vote up to 3 drummers. You can vote here.

These are the drummers you can vote:
- Chris Millington (After the Fall)
- Graham Churchill (Belvedre, This is a Standoff)
- Kye 'Smitty' Smith (Local Resident Failure)
- Josh Freese (The Vandals)
- Jordan Burns (Strung Out)
- Étienne Dionne (Mute)
- Rodrigo Alfaro (Satanic Surfers)
- Nicholas Angelini (A Wilhelm Scream)
- Alex (Jet Market)
- Paolo (BeerBong)
- Simone Perini (ActionMen, Rebuke, TIAS...)
- Wade Youman (Unwritten Law)
- Derrick Plourde (BA/Lagwagon)
- Gukke (Five Days Off)
- Julien Blais (X-Large)
- Jocke (Passage 4)
- Dave raun (Lagwagon)
- Jon (cigar)
- Robert Samsonowitz (Adhesive)
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