Thursday, August 30, 2012

Top 10 best skatepunk drummers

Some weeks ago on the skatepunkers forum we did a voting to make a top 10 skatepunk drummers list. The voting went quite good, 240 votes were received. Anyway, we all know a lot of drummers are missing on the list, but the following ten ones are the ones that had most of the votes. The following article is written by star11scream.

10. Dave Raun (Lagwagon)
Full speed and full emotion, Dave Raun is continuing the good name of Derrick.
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9. Tie: Josh Freese (The Vandals) and Alex (Jet Market)
Josh Freese
The vandals have always been the kind of band which sticks its middle finger in your face, straightforward, no bull shit. And what kind of drummer could deliver this precision, Josh Freese of course, with his straight, signature style
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Jet Market is an amazingly creative band, laying vocal harmonies over blasts. Alex, writer, vocalist and drummer, has carved out a pedestal for Jet Market with amazing expertise and technicality, never to be forgotten through time
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8. Tie: Simone Perini (TIAS, ActionMen, Rebuke) and Nicolas Angelini (A Wilhelm Scream)
Simone Perini
If there was a scale to measure creativity, it would probably be on a scale of 1 to Simone Perini. Seriously, this guy has been making a name for himself with fusion of different styles of punk into one big punk pudding.
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Nicolas Angelini
There is something unreally perfect about Nicholas. He never misses a fill and timing, always brilliantly complementing the guitar line his bandmates lay down for him to follow, whilst maintaining individuality.
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7. Jon (Cigar)
Jon was part of the short lived “Cigar”, a band that made a mark in a remarkably short period of time. Jon’s single pedal madness and impeccable accuracy, coupled with loads of energy and fills makes him one of the best drummer’s on this scene. Not much can be described about, but if you haven’t heard of them before, please educate yourself by listening to this song.
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6. Paolo Crimi (Beerbong)
The phrase “them crazy italians!” was set only after this stud proved to the punk rock world what a monster he was. His crazy speed and stamina defined BeerBong and even today, after they broke up, his aggressive bass kicks still kick around in our hearts today.
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5. Jordan Burns (Strung Out)
Many words have been used to describe Jordan Burns in the past, such as “Bionic Superhuman.” Jordan’s unmistakable style and speed, is coated in a sweet layer of humility and metal. It’s been 20 years and he’s still going strong.

4. Rodrigo Alfaro (Satanic Surfers)
Rodrigo is a familiar voice in punk, but all that aside. Even though he was one of the first to double time with vocals, we also remember him for his uncontrollable drumming technique. He was truly amazing behind that set, with unmatchable dexterity and skill.
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3. Derrick Plourde (Lagwagon, RKL)
Skatepunk was defined by one drummer. Not only was he the first, but he set a high standard for those who were to follow. His revolutionary ideas, when it came to mid song breaks and raw creativity gave Lagwagon, (and RKL) that strong backbone that made them the band they are.
May his crazy-ass soul rest in peace.
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2. Etienne Dionne (Mute)
Few musicians in today’s time have dared to stand out and play as much the guys at Mute have. Etienne, after a tough journey as a an emerging band, has gained a notable reputation for saying “No, fuck you, I’ll sing AND play the drums”. And don’t get me wrong, he is one of the best drummers on the scene. His sincere voice and playing difficulties paved the way for Mute’s iconic image in the underground today.

1. Graham Churchill (This Is A Standoff, Belvedere)
Too many it might have seemed quite obvious that Graham would take the title, for two major reasons: 1. His mad drumming skill; 2. The fact that he sported a mustache for longer than any other drummers out there in the scene today
But jokes aside, Churchill has been sporting polyrythymns and crazy fast D-beats much before the word “technical” even came to play. Breaks and odd timing that would give the most progressive of acts a run for their money. His takes on music have shaped skatepunk significantly over the past two decades, playing “technical” much prior to it was cool. Graham Churchill is the drumming god we’ve all been looking up to all these years.
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Overall results:

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