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<center>Pasted stream new song 'Dying In The Living Room'</center>
<center>Larrakia stream new song 'Cruel To Be Kind'</center>
<center>NAFT release video for new song 'Illogical Statement'</center>
<center>Setbacks post instrumental teaser for upcoming EP</center>
<center>Chaos Delivery Machine (feat. members of Pennywise and 98 Mute) stream new song 'Where The Sidewalk Ends'</center>
<center>Strung Out stream new song 'The Animal and the Machine'</center>
<center>Forus announce spanish mini-tour</center>
<center>Langley stream new song 'Last Fight'</center>
 <center>The Human Project release video for 'The Beautiful Shame'</center>
<center>Atlantic City - Addiction EP (2014)</center>
<center> Bird Attack Punk Rock Radio Ep. 44 now streaming</center>
<center>Beyond Impact stream new EP 'How To Isolate And Disengage'</center>
<center>Mute to re-release 'The Raven' in vinyl</center>
<center>Brutal Youth stream new 7-inch 'Bottoming Out'</center>
<center>Punk Rock Holiday 1.5 adds 25 new bands</center>
<center>Hightime stream new song 'Tear Us Apart'</center>
<center>Matt Riddle (No Use For A Name) joins Implants</center>
<center>FACT announce new album 'Ktheat', release video for new song 'Wait'</center>
<center>No Confidence -  Keep Going Nowhere (2014)</center>
<center>After The Fall talks about new album 'Dedication', band history, etc</center>
<center>Fairvale, a new super-band from California</center>
<center>Giving In stream new EP 'Comfort In Venality'</center>
<center>Bird Attack Punk Rock Radio Ep. 43 now streaming</center>
<center>Millencolin stream new song 'Sense & Sensibility'</center>
<center>Rehasher to release new 7" 'Clock Smash' this spring</center>
<center>Better Days stream new EP 'Nope'</center>
<center>Millencolin announce new (and fast) album 'True Brew'</center>
<center>Good Riddance announce new album 'Peace In Our Time'</center>
<center>Bates Motel stream new EP 'Surrender Is Not An Option'</center>
<center> Beside Yourself - Free Your Mind EP (2008)</center>
<center> Bad Religion Live at X Games Austin 2014</center>
<center>Propagandhi working on new (and great) tunes</center>
<center>'The Decline' (NOFX) acoustic cover by Jesse Lebourdais</center>
<center>Strung Out announce Transmission.To.The.Nation.Tour 2015</center>
<center>Amnesia Rockfest 2015 announce full lineup</center>
<center>Mute announce Japan tour, release promo video</center>
<center>No Komply - Kamikaze (2012)</center>
<center>Linterno release video for 'Knock On Wood'</center>
<center>Benihana - Otra Victoria Con Sabor A Derrota (2014)</center>
<center>Sink Or Swim stream split with Baerga</center>
<center>Rebuke recording new split, post video update</center>
<center>Golliwog writing new album</center>
<center>Dead Memory Records stream new compilation 'Dead Memory Vol:1 '</center>
<center>After The Fall stream new song 'Dedication'</center>
<center>Primera & Última stream new album 'Sean Todos... Bienvenidos'</center>