Skatepunkers Record Of The Year Award 2018

After two years of hiatus, the Skatepunkers Record Of The Year Award 2018 is back. This is an anual poll where the skate punk community votes for the favourite album of year. Below is a list with all the releases posted on the website during this year. If you miss any release, please contact us using the contact form and we will add it. One person, one vote. If you vote multiple times, only your last vote counts. Results will be published on January.

Vote for your favourite album of the year
360 FLIP - Gratitude
3upFront - Puppets & Psychiatrists
A Second Plan - Defy Gravity
A Vulture Wake - Fall Prey
A Vulture Wake - The Appropriate Level Of Outrage
Above All Glory - Concrete Melodies
Aduken - Viajes
Alkaline Trio - Is This Thing Cursed?
And I'm KO - Holiday
Antes Do Erro - New Kids On The Black Bloc
Appalachia Underground - Lifestream
Arising From - Contemplating The Unknown
ArtistaDesconocido - Así Será
Authority Zero - Persona Non Grata
Babe Patrol - Rich & Bored
Backstabber - Gentlemen Dinosaurs
Bad Summer - Fucking True
Beerbong - Future Behind Us
Before Me - 立ち止まって休んだくらいで絶望は訪れない
Bitter Ground - Two Sides (Of Hope)
Bladders - Loin
Block Parent - Amongst The Hurtin Mess
Break The Tides - Center Of Clarity
Bring On The Storm - Altruism
Bubble Gum - Yes, It's Funny
Burning Nickels - Freezer Burnt
Bussieres - Sunny Side Up
Buster - Still On The Road
C:28 - Once Blind
CMP - Self-Titled
Call It A Day - Mind The Gap
Captain Trips - Stand By
Channel 5 - Close Calls And Complete Misses
Chaser - Sound The Sirens
Chump - Welcome To The Punk Rock Family
City Escape Artist - Home Is Home
Clear Lines - Santa Catalina
Color Killer - Generation Z
Colorsfade - In Real Time
Complete! - On The Edge
Crash-11 - Assimilate​/​Compassionless
Crash-11 - Self-Titled
Crash-11 - Songs I Wish I Wrote
Cronos Debe Morir - Despertar
D-Ambulantes - Self-Titled
DEN!ED - Denied
Daycare For Jedi - This Is What You Get
De Lyckliga Kompisarna - Pengarna Har Inga Ögon
Dead Rest - Self-Titled
Descendents - Who We Are
Direct Hit! - Crown Of Nothing
Dizclaimers - Pandattack!
Don Blake - Tough Like Diamonds
Down By Law - All In
Down Goes Goodman - Prestissimo
Down Memory Lane - Release
Drinking Boys And Girls Choir - Keep Drinking
Drublic - 14 Gunshot
Dry Life - Consumindo Ignorancia
Dulce de Leche - Común
Dummy Up - Self-Titled
El Escapado - The Not So Full - Full Length
Emmer Effer - Ben Beverly
Evil Engine - #2
Fabulous Whip - Total Wreck, Starter Pack
Face To Face - Hold Fast
Failing Up - Voices In My Head
Fair Do's - Leopards
Fake News - EWWWW!
Fallen Monuments - Distance And Time
Family Meeting - Walk Left/Stand Right
Fast Forward - Keep The Faith
Fastloud - Wrong Drunk Fight
Feed The Cat - Never Press Rewind. Except​.​.​.
Fladderpuck - Close But No Cigar
Flashback - Self-Titled
FoL - Therapathy
For Heads Down - Resurgence
For Old Times - ZombieLand
Fora Da Placa - Self-Titled
Force Events! - 66,6 FM
Frenzal Rhomb - Early Model Kooka
Fridge Magnet Mysteries - I Hope This Isn't A Dud!
Fullcount - Part Of The Game
Gran Valor - Entes Sin Mente
Great Collapse - Neither Washington Nor Moscow​.​.​. Again!
Have No Heroes - Plastic World
HellFarts - Pudding Proof
Hit The Switch - Entropic
Hulit Bullet - Ways To Have Fun
Hummer - Budweiser And Butter
Hungry Fox - Self-Titled
I Against I - Small Waves
Idle Threat - Rope Burn
Iman's League - The Eclipse
Kaos Kaki - Transisi
Knifepuncher - From The Capital Wasteland
Koseakaso - Squaloparco
Kriva Istina - Manifest Pobune
Kuritus - Tänne Pohjoiseen
La Reacción - Cara A Cara
Layman's Terms - An Invite To The End
Lesstalk - Survivors Mistakes
Loser Points - Denial & Error
Locofrank - Stories
Lucky Letters - Thee Song In VVitch The Word «EXTRA� Is Used Six Times
Mad Caddies - Punk Rocksteady
Main Line 10 - The Fox
Mala Influencia - Conflagración // Sine Die
Me The Guts - Lost Faith In Our Guts
Mental Strike - Final E
Menudå - Tänk Lite Själv Då
Merry Widow - Via Di Qua
Minipax - LiebeHassFriedenKrieg
Modern Enemy - Rise And Fall
Money Left To Burn & The Affect Heuristic - VS
Monótono - Huracán
Moonraker - Lanterns
Motivo - Self-Titled
MxPx - Self-Titled
NHA - De Acuerdo
NOFX - Ribbed - Live In A Dive
Neke Politikoa - Geroaren Baitan
Nerdlinger - Happy Place
Nieviem - Live In The Brewer
No Confíes En Nadie - Va De Nuevo
No Fate - Mental Esclavización
No Fun At All - GRIT
No Potential - No More Wasted Days
No Real Hero - The Forest
Nocivos - El Lema De Los Necios
Northwood - Full Ham
Numero Nero - Late
Oh See Demons - Personal Issues
Old Bones Break Easy - Greetings From Horseshoe Falls
One Hidden Frame & Thousand Oaks - Antipodes
Out In Style - Broken Dreams
PMX - Clochridgestone
Padme - IBAN TR75 0006 2000 7170 0006 6006 13
Penny Was Right - Dumb & Wild
Pennywise - Never Gonna Die
Pense - Realidade, Vida E Fé
Pine Resin - II
Piscadela Verde - A Verdade Está Lá Fora
Polerones - Cachorro
Postscript - Black Blood
Qualia - Qualia Over Quantia
Rabies - Anarkids!
Rag A Muffin - Borderline
Raska Cocos - Si La Vida Te Da Ladillas... Raskate
Ready Steady Go - Feed Em To The Wolves
Reliance - Crashing Down
Revolutions Per Minute - Move Along
Reyerta - Libres Y Salvajes
Rise Against - The Ghost Note Symphonies, Vol. 1
River Jumpers - Take Your Chances
Santa-Carla - Love Songs For The Undead
Satanic Surfers - Back From Hell
Scott Sellers (Rufio) - The Jitters
Scott Sellers (Rufio) - The Judge
Segundos - Todo Para Escapar
Sessions - Self-Titled
Shadows Of Defeat - Too Little Too Late
Shift-D - This Message Will Self-Destruct
Shitpiss - Self-Titled
Shrug Dealer - Self-Titled
Skaciety - Overstaying Our Welcome
Sluts These Days - Ctrl Left Alt-Right Delete
Sore Teeth - 86'd
SorryIWasShitfaced - Double Meat No Cheese
Spaventapassere - .​.​.​Addosso o Contro
Spoiler - Self-Titled
Strung Out - Black Out The Sky
Stupid Brick - Self-Titled
Suburban Samurai - Short But Not Short Enough
Sun-0-Bathers - Local Warming
Swan Prince - Never Look Back
Swingin' Utters - Peace And Love
Symphony Of Distraction - Horse
TBA - It's Something
Tabarnak - מוריס אקדמי
Taiwan Balek - Waiting For Growing Up
Tax On Joy - They Are Already Here
Templeton Pek - Watching The World Come Undone
The Bombpops - Dear Beer
The Distractions - Sometimes I Drink
The Friday Prophets - In The Key Of Sublimation
The Hideout & Oh The Humanity! - Split
The Hot Baby Lovers - Meninist
The Human Project - Clarion Call
The Late State - По твоим следам
The Linden Method - Thin Skin
The Midlife - Hit The Deck!
The Mor(R)ons - Lager
The Neighborhood Complaint - Distractions
The Ocean Front - Dead End Kids
The Phosphorus Bombs - A Bruise
The Phosphorus Bombs - Blank Slates
The Playbook - All I Am Is What You Left Behind
The ProblemAddicts - Derailed
The Scratches - Pull The Plug
The Siknotes - Welcome To The Party, Pal!
Thirty Helens - 86ed
Time Wasters - Self-Titled
Trashed Ambulance - Flashes Of Competence
Trophy Jump - Depression Club
TxOxD - Guts Over The Glory
Ugly Aglet - Idiotic Tales Of Major Fails
United Defiance - Safe At Home
Useless ID & Tarakany! - Among Other Zeros And Ones
Useless ID - Hits From Hell
Utopia Now - Dad's Not Punk
Vanilla Pod - Goodbye My Love
Vital Throw - The First
We Found A Map - ...To The Haunted Arcade
When Stars Attack - Dreams Explode
When Thieves Are About - We're Literally Almost There
Wince - All Things Considered / Tastemaker
Winning Streak - Whichever Path You Take
Without Whistle - Self-Titled
Woodchuck - Flesh Burgers
XXL - Borderline
You Big Idiot - Mega Donair
ZSK - Hallo Hoffnung
Zombies No - Divided We Fall

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