Saturday, August 31, 2013

Millencollin release behind the scenes footage for 'Man Or Mouse'

Millencolin posted a behind the scenes video of the 'Man Or Mouse' video shoot from 2002. This song was the second single from the 'Home From Home' album released in 2002 via Burning Heart Records & Epitaph Records.

Click here to watch the video

Adrenalized - Tales From The Last Generation (2013)

01. The Prophets And The Wise
02. Eyeless Men
03. The Empire Of The Greedy
04. Last Man Standing
05. Tarkin Doctrine
06. No Red Helmets
07. The Die Is Cast
08. Dead Inside
09. The Taste Of The End
10. When The Screaming Began
11. Crawling In The Ashes (feat. Étienne Dionne of Mute)
12. Tales From The Last Generation

Download: Zippyshare
File Size: 145 MB
Release date: 12 July 2013
Genre: Skate punk / melodic hardcore
Quality: 320 kbps
Label: Eating Shit Records, Discos Rayados, La Humanidad Es La Plaga Records, Fusa Records Europe, Chaos 666, Can't Slow Down Records, Talaia Records.
Country: Spain

Adrenalized is four piece fast skatepunk act from San Sebastián, Spain that has been around since 2001, releasing an EP 'Vote For The Fake' and an two albums, 'Docet Umbra' and 'Tales From The Last Generation' since their inception.

- Sample song: Crawling In The Ashes -

Implants talk about recording a new album, discuss lyrics, etc.

Implants is a five-piece melodic punk rock supergroup formed in 2011 which features members of SoCal punk mainstays Strung Out, Pulley, Ten Foot Pole and The Tank. The band is planning to record a new album as you can read on a recent interview with our pals of Big Bombo Punk.

From what I have understood The Implant doesn’t want to be a temporary project but something enduring in time. Do you have the intention to record more albums? Considering the many obligations that you have, how do you intend to combine Implants with your other bands?

We absolutely plan on keeping this train rolling. We’re not stopping for no one. Although we all have other bands, this band has a different feel and we don’t necessarily have a set sound. We have the freedom to sound any way we want and that sometimes is a breath of fresh air. Don’t get me wrong, we all love our other bands and will continue to rock out with them, but this is something special (at least for us). Plus, we have really good chemistry. That’s a hard thing to find these days. So expect some more albums from us in the future. We’re already working on some new material that we’re excited for people to hear.

Click here to read the entire interview.

Friday, August 30, 2013

Skateboarder Magazine - Gurus in the Ganges

Is there a more ideal locale for skateboarding than to the teeming Kumbh Mela festival in North India which hosts what was estimated to be the world’s largest religious gathering ever recorded?

The answer is yes, probably any back alley or random village street would be more productive and doable than at this joyous, ancient gathering. At the Kumbh Mela, Gurus and millions of other assorted Hindu devotees make their sanctified bathing pilgrimage to wash away their accrued sins at the confluence of the Ganges, and Yamuna Rivers, that takes place every dozen years in the city of Allahabad.

In early February 2013, Sean Malto, Sebo Walker, Mark Suicu and Nestor Judkins traveled to legendary India. Their plan was to traverse the breadth of the Subcontinent’s core with their ultimate goal to reach the Kumbh Mela gathering. The four sought to try and demonstrate that even in the most densely populated, chaotic places in the developing world, one can indeed push forward and manage to skateboard despite the visceral challenges such conditions present.

Click here to watch the video

Throw 'Em A Stone - Throw 'Em A Stone EP (2013)


01. Miss Stone
02. Elie
03. Rusty Spoons
04. Tananan

Download: Zippyshare
File Size: 12 MB
Release date: 29 June 2013
Genre: Punk rock / melodic hardcore
Quality: 128 kbps
Label: Self Released
Country: Canada

Throw 'Em A Stone is a Quebec City punk rock band that's been playing all around the local bars  in Quebec since 2010. Highly influenced by Blink 182, Belvedere, NOFX, Millencolin and Inside Riot, these guys are always and will always be focused on keeping our good old Punk Rock alive and moving in quebec city.

- Sample song: Miss Stone -

Thursday, August 29, 2013

The Ignored stream new song 'More Than Just The Bloodline'

The Ignored is a melodic hardcore band from Belgium that is streaming a new song titled 'More Than Just The Bloodline' from the band's upcoming album 'Fugue' that will be released on September 13th via Funtime Records.

Click here to listen to the song

Wednesday, August 28, 2013

IVS writing new album

Canadian tech skatepunkers IVS are currectly writing a new album as you can read on their facebook page. The band is also offering for free download their previous EP 'Extinction'.

So we've gotten a bandcamp account for those of you who want to download our past EP "Extinction" Added to that are also 3 IVS tracks not found on any IVS record! Have a look, have a listen, and spread the word! New album still being written as we speak!

Tuesday, August 27, 2013

Overtime Heroes stream new song 'Point Of Ruin'

The canadian metallic skatepunk band Overtime Heroes is streaming a new song titled 'Point Of Ruin' which is an extra track they recorded while they were in the studio working on their debut EP,  'Marc Ryan's Adventure Through Time'.

Click here to listen to the song

Acid Snot stream debut EP 'Hometown'

Acid Snot is a skatepunk band from Barcelona, Spain, that is streaming their debut EP 'Hometown' which has been recorded, mixed & mastered by Txosse Ruiz at Wheelsound Studios.

Click here to listen to the EP

Escape Velocity - Colors In The Atmosphere EP (2013)


01. Flash Of The Screen
02. Embers
03. July 31
04. By Degrees
05. Colors In The Atmosphere

Download: Zippyshare
File Size: 37 MB
Release date: 25 August 2013
Genre: Skate punk / melodic hardcore
Quality: 320 kbps
Label: Less Talk, More Records
Country: USA

Escape Velocity began on a whim in 2012. Aaron Garcia had played guitar in several punk bands in the St Louis, MO area. In August 2012, Aaron began instrumental work for a skatepunk EP, and posted it online, with no luck finding a vocalist for the project.
Andrew Palmer, a long-time poster on, liked Aaron's work and sang vocal lines over the raw tracks, posting it just for entertainment. Spurred on by positive feedback from the forum, Aaron, with the help of fellow St. Louis punk musician Bryce Hartley, finished work on 4 more tracks and asked Andrew to continue work on a 5 song EP.
Although Andrew had never been a lead vocalist for a band, and had never met the other two, a shared background of favorite bands (NUFAN, Much The Same, Staring Back) allowed for instant musical chemistry.
After quick bursts of recording, and several months spent saving pennies, they finally released their debut EP "Colors in the Atmosphere" in August 2013 (1 year after forming, and never meeting) on Less Talk, More Records.

- Sample song: Flash Of The Screen -

Monday, August 26, 2013

Every Epitaph release drum medley by Kye Smith

Kye Smith, drummer of the australian punk rock band Local Resident Failure covered every Epitaph full length release (excluding live albums, compilations and re-releases) in chronological order up until now.

Click here to watch the video

Damn Mondays stream new song 'Hit It Till It Works'

Damn Mondays is a german female fronted melodic hardcore band that is streaming a new song titled 'Hit It Till It Works', off the band's 2 songs EP with the same name.

Click here to listen to the song

Sunday, August 25, 2013

Straightaway - Last Exit To Nowhere (2013)

01. The Blissful Art Of Selling (Intro)
02. Weapons Of Massive Distraction
03. Fighting The Odds
04. Failure Is A Success
05. Keep Running
06. Revived And Alive
07. A Long Way To Go
08. Right Choice, Wrong Feeling
09. Over And Out
10. Sometime, Someday (Interlude)
11. Last Exit To Nowhere
12. The Future Is Yours To Make
13. My Own Demise
14. No Place To Call Home

Download: Zippyshare
File Size: 93 MB
Release date: 3 September 2013
Genre: Skate punk / melodic hardcore

Straightaway is a french skate punk / melodic hardcore band formed in 1999. After releasing the EP 'Emotions And Anger' in 2005 and the album 'Democracy Of Spreading Poverty' in 2007, 'Last Exit To Nowhere' is their third release.

- Sample song: Over And Out -

Preview the entire The Flatliners new album 'Dead Language'

Amazon is previewing 30 seconds of each song of the new The Flatliners album 'Dead Language', to be released on September 17th via Fat Wreck Chords. Click here to listen to the samples.

Escape Velocity stream new song 'July 31'

Escape Velocity is streaming a new song titled 'July 31' from the EP 'Colors In The Atmosphere' that will be released today via Less Talk, More Records.

Click here to listen to the song

The band also released the song 'Colors In The Atmosphere' off this new EP.

Malas Posías release video for 'Dos Años'

Malas Poesías is a melodic hardcore band from Paraguay that have released a video for the song 'Dos Años'. If you like what you listen, the band is offering for free download on their bandcamp page all their demos released between 2007 and 2012.

Click here to watch the video

Saturday, August 24, 2013

BiSKET - Hope (2013)

01. Hope
02. Engrave
03. Aleeping Forest
04. Melancholia
05. Defeat
06. Dawn Of The Tonight
07. Satellite
08. Decide For Myself
09. Stain
10. Ending Note

Download: Zippyshare
File Size: 75 MB
Release date: 10 July 2013
Genre: Skate punk / melodic hardcore

BiSKET is a skate punk band from Osaka, Japan, formed in 2007.

Click here to watch the official video for 'Hope' and 'Ending Note'

- Sample song: Engrave -

Escape Velocity release first single 'Colors In The Atmosphere'

Less Talk, More Records is streaming the first single and title track for Escape Velocity's EP 'Colors In The Atmospher'. The EP will be released digitally on LTMR on August 25th.

Click here to listen to the song

Millencolin post rare videos

Millencolin have posted some strange and rare videos. Watch them below.

The first video is the directors cut version of the video for 'Shut You Out' from the 'Kingwood' album 2005. The video was directed by Karl Johan Larsson.

Click here to watch the video

The following one is the skateboarding part of the Hi-8 Adventures VHS/DVD released in 1999. Extended version of the song Buzzer from the 'Life On A Plate' Album.

Click here to watch the video

And the last one is the swedish version of Battery Check. Third video from the 'Home From Home' album 2002, released via Burning Heart/Epitaph Records. The video was shot in Melbourne and Adelaide during the Big Day Out tour in Australia 2003.

Click here to watch the video

Antillectual stream new album 'Perspectives & Objectives'

Antillectual is streaming entiretly their brand new album 'Perspectives & Objectives' that you can listen right here.

The Flatliners post new album preview

Toronto punk rockers The Flatliners posted a preview of their upcoming album 'Dead Language' that you can watch below.

Click here to watch the video

Friday, August 23, 2013

The Swellers stream new song 'Becoming Self-Aware'

The Swellers have released a new song titled 'Becoming Self-Aware' from their upcoming album 'The Light Under Closed Doors' that will be out on October 29 via No Sleep Records.

Click here to listen to the song

The band also released another song 'Should' off this new album that you can listen here.

Strung Out post boxset update

Strung Out posted the following Facebook update regarding their upcoming boxset.

“So..want some news on our box set? Ok, here ya will for sure be out in either November or December. It will be released this year! We are just getting the live DVD (yes..i said DVD) all wrapped up and its looking really good. Of course Montreal never lets us down! As you guys know (or maybe you dont know) this box set will be titled “Volume 1″ and it will include Another Day In Paradise, Suburban Teenage Wasteland Blue, and Twisted By Design..all fully remixed and remastered by the one and only Ryan Greene. So yes, that is some good Strung Out news for the day. Hope you enjoy. We’ll of course announce more when the time comes to do so ok.”

Thursday, August 22, 2013

Dead Market (Jet Market) - For What Its Worth (2013)

01. For What It's Worth (Intro)
02. In Loving Memory Of Something Unnecessary
03. Card Towers
04. Fair Trade
05. I Will Live For Myself
06. Small Time Preacher
07. Humans
08. Nothing To Cling To
09. Chased From The Temple
10. Promises And Apologies
11. Date Rape
12. Carefree Days

Download: Zippyshare
File Size: 55 MB
Release date: 19 August 2013
Genre: Punk rock / melodic hardcore
Quality: 320 kbps
Label: Self released
Country: Italy

Jet Market split up a year ago but the band released this post-mortem record under the name Dead Market.

- Sample song: Card Towers -

Skumdum stream two new songs 'Fucked Again' and 'The Rising'

The swedish punk rock band Skumdum is streaming two new songs 'Fucked Again' and 'The Rising' that you can listen on their facebook page. This is the 8th of 10 2-track singles they'll release this year. Since it’s their 20th anniversary they decided to release 20 new songs over the year.

Sunday, August 18, 2013

Propagandhi - How To Clean Everything (Remastered) (2013)

01. Anti-Manifesto
02. Head? Cheese? Or Foot?
03. Hate, Myth, Muscle, Etiquette
04. Showdown (G.E.P.)
05. Ska Sucks
06. Middle Finger Response
07. Stick the Fucking Flag up Your Goddamn Ass, You Sonofabitch
08. Haille Sellasse, Up Your Ass
09. Fuck Machine
10. This Might Be Satire
11. Who Will Help Me Back This Bread?
12. Pigs Will Pay
13. Homophobes Are Just Pissed 'Cause They Can't Get Laid
14. Leg-Hold Trap
15. I Want U 2 Vant Me
16. Middle Finger Response (Demo Version)
17. Hate, Myth, Muscle, Etiquette (Demo Version)[Demo Version]
18. This Might Be Satire (Demo Version)
19. Fuck Machine (Demo Version)

Download: Zippyshare
File Size: 96 MB
Release date: 20 August 2013
Genre: Skate punk / melodic hardcore
Quality: VBR
Label: Fat Wreck Chords
Country: Canada
Buy CD:

Propagandhi's 'How To Clean Everything' reissue, which includes the full album remastered, the 3 outtakes that Fat Mike cut from the record, and a super rare 4-song HTCE demo. If you buy the package, includes an exclusive Tab Book for the entire album, with both guitar and bass transcribed by Chris himself. The book will be available bundled with the reissue.

- Sample song: Anti-Manifesto -

Bad Religion live @ Garorock, France

Watch below a video of Bad Religion playing at Garorock, Marmande, France

Click here to watch the video

01. Past Is Dead
02. We're Only Gonna Die
03. New Dark Ages
04. True North
05. Overture
06. Sinister Rouge
07. Anesthesia
08. Generator
09. Fuck You
10. Dharma and the Bomb
11. You
12. Beyond Electric Dreams
13. Submission Complete
14. 21st Century (Digital Boy)
15. Robin Hood in Reverse
16. I Want To Conquer The World
17. Punk Rock Song
18. American Jesus
19. Sorrow
20. Fuck Armageddon... This Is Hell
21. Infected

Saturday, August 17, 2013

Jet Market to release a post-mortem record

Jet Market split up a year ago but the band will be releasing a post-mortem record. This is what the band said on their facebook page.

Hello everybody! Alex here.
Since Jet Market split up more than one year ago I kept writing and recording songs.
I decided to pack these twelve new tracks in a record, under the name of Dead Market.
In a week or so I'll be done with the mixing and mastering of the record, then I'll upload it here for those who are interested.
It'll be called "For what it's worth".

Friday, August 16, 2013

Goodbye Jersey release video for 'I Can't Fucking Sleep (Although I'm Tired Of Your Shit)'

Goodbye Jersey released a video for the song 'I Can't Fucking Sleep (Although I'm Tired Of Your Shit)' in order to promote their new album 'Punch Ready'. Watch the video and listen to the album below.

Click here to watch the video and listen to the album

Revenge to enter studio to record new album

Started out in 2008, Revenge consists of past and present members of Satanic Surfers, Venerea, Intensity, Skitkids, and Enemy Alliance among other. After releasing the Self-Titled 12" album this year, the band will be entering the studio to record a new album. This is what they said on their Facebook page.
We'll hit the studio again in september to record another album, can't wait!

F.O.D. - Ontario (2013)

01. Racket Rating
02. 20 Second Song
03. Passing Teralfene
04. 36
05. Heroes
06. Joke
07. Like Them
08. Ontario
09. Counting Numbers
10. Frenzal Records
11. Song For Baby, Hoping To Get Laid
12. Because You're The Only One I Love So Dearly
13. Carry On
14. Wasted
15. Starchild (For Wout)
16. Decade

Download: Zippyshare
File Size: 63 MB
Release date: 11 February 2013
Genre: Punk rock / melodic hardcore
Quality: VBR
Label: Thanks But Not Thanks Records
Country: Belgium
Buy CD:

F.O.D. is a four piece Belgian punkrock band. The band is notorious for its catchy vocal harmonies and short melodic songs, all wrapped in their own authentic sound.

- Sample song: Like Them -

Thursday, August 15, 2013

A Place In The Sun

For the first New Balance numeric video the team focused on the home of cinema and celebrity, Los Angeles, California. They searched the spaces between the glamour, the fortune and the broken promises. They found that beneath its dazzling surface L.A. is as real and raw as any major metropolis on earth. Skate spots abound in the side-streets and empty school yards of this glitzy place in the sun.
Starring: PJ Ladd, Arto Saari, Levi Brown, Tom Karangelov, Jordan Taylor and Tyler Surrey.

Click here to watch the video

Wednesday, August 14, 2013

Strike Anywhere plays acoustic version of 'The Crossing' on Backseat Sessions

Watch below another video of Strike Anywhere playing an acoustic version of 'The Crossing' on the canals in Amsterdam.

Click here to watch the video

The Flatliners full set @ Rock City Studios

The Flatliners performing at Rock City Studios in Camarillo, CA on June 22, 2013.

Click here to watch the video

Tuesday, August 13, 2013

Straightaway stream new song 'My Own Demise' and open preoders for new album

Straightaway released a new song titled 'My Own Demise' from the band's upcoming album 'Last Exit To Nowhere'. Effervescence Records, the label which is releasing the album on September 3rd, has just opened the preorders for the new album right here.

Click here to listen to the song

The band also released two other songs titled 'Revived And Alive' and 'Fighting The Odds' off this new record.

Cold Ground - We Make Us Sick EP (2013)


01. Horrid John
02. Heads Will Roll
03. Blind Lead The Blind
04. Life In Rewind
05. Scream It For A Reason
06. Sacrifice

Download: Zippyshare
File Size: 40 MB
Release date: 3 February 2013
Genre: Melodic punk hardcore
Quality: 320 kbps
Label: Self Released
Country: Australia

Cold Ground is a melodic hardcore punk band from Melbourne, Australia. This is their debut EP.

- Sample song: Horrid John -

Limber release video for 'Masterplan'

Spanish punk rockers Limber released a video for the song 'Masterplan' from their very first EP 'Survival Instinct'.

Click here to watch the video

Straightaway stream new song 'Fighting The Odds'

Straightaway released a new song titled 'Fighting The Odds' off the band's upcoming album 'Last Exit To Nowhere', out September 3rd via Effervescence Records.

Click here to listen to the song

The band also released another song titled 'Revived And Alive' off this new record that you can listen here.

Monday, August 12, 2013

Rise Against stream cover of Nirvana’s 'Sliver'

Rise Against are streaming a Nirvana cover for the song 'Sliver',from the band's forthcoming b-sides album 'Long Forgotten Songs: B-sides and Covers 2000 – 2013'

Click here to listen to the song

This is what Tim said about this song:
"The A.V. Club have a weird circle room in their offices in Chicago and someone decided they should pick some songs, ask bands to come in, choose a song from their pre-selected list, and record it in said weird circle room. We chose Nirvana from their list and did it in one-take as they filmed. The vocals had no monitor or headphone mix, so I just sang blindly into the mic hoping it made sense. It’s raw and fun like it was supposed to be.”

The band also released another song, which is a Bruce Springsteen cover, off this album that you can listen here.

Ants stream new song 'Cut To Create' off upcoming 7" 'Nights'

The astrian punk rock band Ants is streaming a new song titled 'Cut To Create' off their upcoming 7" 'Nights', to be released via Schall & Rauch Platten on September 28th. You can preorder it right here.

Click here to listen to the song
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