Tuesday, January 31, 2012

Apple Pie - The Galaxy They Came From EP (2012)

01. I Miss You
02. Caramel
03. Tweek
04. Last Hope
05. Ray Is Gay

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- poppy skate punk / melodic hardcore -
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Apple Pie is a poppy skate punk band from Germany. If you like blink's Dude Ranch era + 'Once You Pop You Can't Stop' kind of vocals, you will love this band.

- Sample song: Away From Home -

Apple Pie - Wacky Tiki (2005)

01. Long Drive, CA
02. Tweek
03. Caramel
04. Away From Home
05. I Miss You
06. The Girl That Hurts
07. Full Of Lies
08. Solitary
09. Hint
10. Dammit
11. Too Short
12. Want
13. Ray Is Gay
14. In The Jungle

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- poppy skate punk / melodic hardcore -
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Apple Pie is a poppy skate punk
band from Germany. If you like blink's Dude Ranch era + 'Once You Pop You Can't Stop' kind of vocals, you will love this band.

- Sample song: Away From Home -


Rufio - Perhaps, I Suppose... (2001)
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Rufio - Rufio EP (2003)
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Rufio - MCMLXXXV (2003)
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Rufio - The Comfort Of Home (2005)
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Rufio - The Loneliest EP (2010)
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Rufio - Anybody Out There (2010)
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Rufio was formed when bassist Jon Berry was a freshman in college and the other three members, Scott Sellers, Mike Jimenez, and Clark Domae were in their senior year of high school. Sellers and Domae had been acquainted for some time and found a shared talent in the guitar. Sellers met Berry and they began playing together in various groups and sessions. Around the same time, the two purchased a 4-track to record the songs they were writing. After Berry and Sellers began recording, they asked Jimenez to listen to their recordings and play drums with them. Domae joined shortly after and completed the official lineup. The band took their name from the character Rufio, leader of the Lost Boys in the absence of Peter Pan in the 1991 film Hook.

- Sample song: Above Me -

[VIDEO] Hogwash - The Fall

Band: Hogwash
The Fall
Album: Sticker Paralysis (2010)
Country: France
Facebook: facebook.com/hogwashfr
Download albums: Hogwash Discography

Monday, January 30, 2012

Hold Your Fire! - High Fives and Fist Pumps (2011)

01. Insert Coin(s)
02. Raccoon City
03. Let Me Down
04. Forget Those Days
05. Ambulance
06. Brothers
07. I'll Sleep When I'm Dead
08. Down The Barrel
09. Don't Wait Up

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- punk rock / melodic hardcore -
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Hold Your Fire! were a 5-piece melodic punk rock band from Jersey, Channel Islands.

- Sample song: Raccoon City -

[NEWS] Forus news

This is what they said on their facebook:


FIRST, and it's a real big news, FORUS comes back in studio for one month in June to record the new album!!! Get ready, it will contain 10 brand new tracks;) We're actually finishing the songs and can't wait to show you the new stuff!!!! BOOOOM!

SECOND, as you can already read on our wall, we're planning on going to Brazil this year!! It's a real fucking huge pleasure to visit one of the best area in the world to play skate punk: South America!!! We're planning the tour with Uira Gomes Medeiros who 's the promoter from UnderMusic Booking! BUT we think it's a pity to don't make a stop on fabulous countries like Peru, Chile, Colombia, Mexico,... so PLEASE if you wanna make this real, and if you are a promoter (or if you know one of them in these countries) please contact us (ilovemyboard@hotmail.fr)!!! Let make this happen, it's gonna be loud!!

THIRD, time to visit the Queen in U.K for maybe 4 or 5 gigs!! We will try to contact some bands from this awesome country and make best parties ever;)

FOURTH, at the end of January, we will upload the artwork and the name of our new album!!! So stay tuned!!!
We're soooo happy with this new year, let's go;)

[NEWS] New 'Contrabandit' song

Contrabandit is a Canadian band that existed between 2005 and 2010. After breaking up, they had some shitty feelings about not recording their final work as a band. When they managed to bring one of the musicians home from the great north, and subsequently Europe, they decided to record one last EP 'Greatest Hits, vol. 3'

This project was the culmination of 2 years of song writing and working the songs in front of audiences in Canada. They wrote, and re-wrote until they had exactly what we wanted. And now, they're super proud to give you the first song on their new album. Unglued was selected not because it's the best song on the album, or the catchiest, or the most technical, nor the fastest, nor the heaviest...but it's what they consider middle ground. It's the hub that each other song spokes out from. They get heavier (Check Out the Checkout), they get more technical (It's Complicated), they get catchier (Wait On), they get faster (Isolation Pay), and they get better (The Debts).

Sunday, January 29, 2012

VA - Either​/​Or Sucks: A Tribute To Descendents (2012)

01. Caleb Lionheart - Anchor Grill
02. The Tired And True - I'm The One
03. Fisherking - Hope
04. After The Fall - Kabuki Girl
05. Natural Disasters - This Place Sucks
06. Weak Teeth - M-16
07. Hard Daze - Rotting Out
08. Hospital Garden - I'm Not A Punk
09. Bike Tuff - When I Get Old
10. Nightmares For A Week - Silly Girl
11. Frank and Earnest - We
12. HisDayHasCome - I Won't Let Me
13. Crucial Dudes - Dry Spell
14. Call It Quits - Bikeage
15. We Are The Union - Thank You

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- punk rock / punk pop -
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Either/Or Records, have put together and released a Descendents tribute compilation, titled 'Either​/​Or Sucks: A Tribute To Descendents'.

- Sample song: After The Fall - Kabuki Girl -

Saturday, January 28, 2012

Defying Control - Time Changes EP (2012)

01. Time Changes
02. Dreams

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- skate punk / melodic hardcore -
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Defying Control is born from a passion that both Killer (singer/bass player) and Xico (guitar) had for punk rock music! These two founders of the band grew up listening to amazing bands such as NOFX, Bad Religion or Ramones. In 2003 they got together in a punk rock band which, in 2005, gave birth to Defying Control.

- Sample song: Dreams -

Friday, January 27, 2012

'Army Of Moliere' 2007 demo

Army Of Moliere was a skatepunk-metal project based band and happened some years ago in Calgary, AB, June - October of 2007. The entire and truthful idea was to capture the aggression and melody At The Gates and Dissection threw down, but bleed into it with the beauty and depth of Face to Face's - Don't Turn Away. As far as Band Bio here's the deal: Brian Gillingham, Guitarist in Nusquam Esse; Eliane Gazzard, Rocker on bass/keys; Kody Warriner , Guitarist/MecE.

If you like fast skatepunk and metal music, you'll love this demo. No vocals, just music.
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If you want to contact a band member, you can use the forum post where the demo was posted.

- Sample song: Breathing Exercise -

Crucial Dudes & Shared Arms - Split 7'' (2012)

01. Crucial Dudes - Of Course I Like Music... I Like Pantera
02. Shared Arms - Dead In '11

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- skate punk / melodic hardcore -
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Limited Edition 7" split between Crucial Dudes and Shared Arms.

- Sample song: Shared Arms - Dead In '11 -

Thursday, January 26, 2012

The Brews - Brewtality (2006)

01. Bent Edge
02. Vitamin Brew Baby
03. Forgotten Sense
04. That Balls A Rollin'
05. See For Miles
06. Beat The Punch
07. Life Proud

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- skate punk / melodic hardcore -
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The Brews, thrashing our blend of melodic hardcore punk out of Adelaide, Australia since 2002. Played hundreds of shows and have enjoyed the pleasure of sharing the stage with some great bands like Strung Out, Frenzal Rhomb, Lagwagon, No Use For A Name, Dropkick Murphy's, The Bouncing Souls, The Suicide Machines, Ignite, The Lawrence Arms, Superman Is Dead, The Exploited, The Horropops & Guttermouth.

- Sample song: Vitamin Brew Baby -

Wednesday, January 25, 2012

[VIDEO] Frenzal Rhomb - When My Baby Smiles At Me I Go To Rehab

Band: Frenzal Rhomb
Song: When My Baby Smiles At Me I Go To Rehab
Album: Smoko At The Pet Food Factory (2011)
Country: Australia
Facebook: www.facebook.com/FrenzalRhomb
Download albums: Smoko At The Pet Food Factory (2011)

Tuesday, January 24, 2012

Spin-Off - Making Friends EP (2011)

01. Back In Time
02. I'm The Jinx
03. We Are At War
04. Never Beaten Up
05. Would You Wait
06. Noise Addiction
07. Waste Your Time

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- skate punk / melodic hardcore -
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Spin-Off is a 90's skatepunk band from Spain. After many years in the local scene of Valencia playing in other bands, their members started in 2007 testing together until the project was taking form. After sharing scene with bands with Mute, Straighten Things Out, Straightaway, The Real Mckenzies, Read my Lips, Adrenalized or Mainline 10, recorded during the summer of 2011 their first EP "Making Friends".

- Sample song: Waste Your Time -

Monday, January 23, 2012

Kacttus - Protests And Rebellions (2011)

01. National Brutality Channel
02. Hostage
03. Not So Sure
04. My Own Challenge
05. Protests And rebelions
06. Kill The President
07. Shoot To Kill
08. Betrayal Fakeness Desperation
09. One More Question
10. Winners And Losers

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- punk rock / melodic hardcore -
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Started in São Paulo six years ago,
Kacttus has just had their second CD, 'Protests And Rebellions'. The band's sound cross-refers straight to the hardcore that defined the nineties. With fast bases, melody and singalong vocals, Rafael (guitars/vocals), Nicola (guitars), Eduardo (bass) and Alex (drums) show, their indignation against everything they believe to be wrong, be it social or political injustice.

- Sample song: One More Question -

Sunday, January 22, 2012

[TOUR] The Decline - Are You Gonna Eat That? 2012 National Tour

The australian punk rockers The Decline will be hitting the road again for another much anticipated national tour in February 2012 to launch their latest album ‘Are You Gonna Eat That?’.
You will be able to buy one of these two awesome tshirts at any show of this tour.

Saturday, January 21, 2012

[TOUR] Strung Out Japan Tour 2012

Strung Out will be touring in Japan this March. If you are japanese, you shouldn's miss this!

Sparky's Revenge - Moments EP (2011)

01. Of All Broken Things
02. Moments
03. Presumptions
04. Versus
05. Still The Same

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- punk rock / melodic hardcore -
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The story of Sparky’s Revenge is a Dutch punk rock band formed in 2009.
As a band Sparky’s Revenge is a contradiction in a way they write songs about social issues, love, loss and animal cruelty, but on stage they are an energetic band with a very positive vibe.

- Sample song: Presumptions -

Friday, January 20, 2012

[NEWS] New No Trigger song: Checkmate

No Trigger have posted another song from their long-awaited full-length Tycoon that will be released this February. You can listen to the new song on their facebook page or here (soundcloud).
Check the forum post for more info.

[NEWS] Rejected Kids - Still Falling (Much The Same cover) song teaser


Listen below a 37 seconds teaser of the Much The Same cover, Still Falling by Rejected Kids from the upcoming Much The Same tribute released by Torch Of Hope Records.

Check the forum post for more info!

[VIDEO] Mute - Burning Wreck

Band: Mute
Song: Burning Wreck
AAlbum: Thunderblast (2011)
Country: Canada
Facebook: www.facebook.com/mutepunk
Download albums: Mute Discography

Thursday, January 19, 2012

Anti-Flag - The General Strike (2012)

01. Controlled Opposition
02. The Neoliberal Anthem
03. 1915
04. This Is The New Sound
05. Bullshit Opportunist
06. The Ranks of The Masses Rising
07. Turn a Blind Eye
08. Broken Bones
09. I Don't Wanna
10. Nothing Recedes Like Progress
11. Resist
12. The Ghosts Of Alexandria

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- punk rock hardcore -
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The 12 tracks that comprise the band’s 8th studio album are arguably their most aggressive to date. With influences ranging from hardcore to modern folk punk, The General Strike is reckless yet tight, experimental yet familiar, and as impassioned and enraged as the band feels. The General Strike was recorded and produced by Anti-Flag at their home studio and is poised to be the soundtrack for the masses of begrudged private citizens that are currently protesting corporate injustice and governmental power around the world.

- Sample song: Bullshit Opportunist -

Authority Zero - Less Rhythm More Booze (2012)

01. Prelude
02. Liberateducation
03. Carpe Diem
04. Movement
05. Break The Mold
06. No Regrets
07. Crashland
08. Talk Is Cheap
09. The Remedy
10. Big Bad World
11. 12:34
12. Wake Up Call
13. Break Free
14. Drunken Sailor
15. Get It Right
16. Courage
17. Rattlin Bog
18. One More Season (Remix)

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- unplugged / acoustic -
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Authority Zero is a punk rock band from Mesa, Arizona. The band's style is rooted in reggae and skate punk, with Bad Religion, Pennywise, and Sublime cited as influences. The band also draws from Spanish/Portuguese influences.
Authority Zero’s ‘Less Rhythm More Booze’ is a two disc CD/DVD set that contains a 18 song live CD and a 70 minute DVD of the group’s performance. For this live release Authority Zero unplugged for an acoustic set of rearranged and reworked classic material for the group’s back catalogue.

- Sample song: No Regrets -

Tuesday, January 17, 2012

[VIDEO] Heartsounds - Unconditional

Band: Heartsounds
Song: Unconditional
Album: Drifter (2011)
Country: USA
Facebook: www.facebook.com/heartsoundsband
Download album: Heartsounds Discography

Sunday, January 15, 2012

Latch Key Kids - Innocence Gone (1998)

01. Too Soon
02. 6/28
03. Look Away
04. Chance
05. One Shot
06. Knight Song
07. Last Ride
08. Trapped in Your Room
09. Just Care
10. #1
11. Promise
12. Strange Days
13. Wicked Game
14. Moment

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- punk rock / melodic hardcore -
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Founded in 1993 and still led by singer Tim Guerinot and guitarist “Rhino” Neumann, Latch Key Kids have been powering through positive punk rock for the past two decades. Having been invited to share the stage with NOFX, Bad Religion, Strung Out, Less than Jake, and Jawbreaker, among many others, as well as a stint on the Warped Tour ’99, they’ve held their own in DIY rooms, basements, bars, clubs, concert halls, and amphitheaters alike. Their two full-length releases, “Anytime, Anyplace,” and “Innocence Gone,” both on Pinche Flojo Records, are both sold out and out of print, as are all of their 7” records, including “Time Out” on Skene! Records.

- Sample song: Knight Song -

First Class - Somewhere In The Grey EP (2004)

01. Any More Lonely
02. 501
03. In This Silence
04. November 15
05. Taking my Over
06. Same Side

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- skate punk / melodic hardcore -
[ - Purevolume - ]

First Class, another melodic punk band rising out of the Chicago area suffers from what I’d like to call “Rufio-Syndrome.”. First Class plays fast, complex and melodic punk rock. Their debut EP, Somewhere In The Grey was released by Johanns Face Records. Check their 'Any More Lonely' video

- Sample song: Any More Lonely-

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Saturday, January 14, 2012

Straightline - Change Of Seasons (2010)

01. Intro
02. Set The Course
03. Fading Away
04. My Boss
05. Leaves
06. Foreigner
07. No Escape
08. Outro

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- skate punk / melodic hardcore -
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Straightline is a german skate punk band formed in 1999. After their first release 'No Way Out', Straightline are back again with a new rhythm-section consisting of drummer Mosi (Peter Pan Syndrom, Zefix) and bassplayer Emil (Angry Youth, Step By Step), Straightline present their new EP 'Change of Seasons' more powerfull than ever.

- Sample song: Set The Course -

Friday, January 13, 2012

Cleave - Pay The Price For Love (2006)

01. Pay The Price For Love
02. Bright Night Sky
03. Sonic Death Monkey
04. There Is No Place To Go
05. Truth Beneath Reality
06. Who Knows The Real Reasons For Your Empty Mind
07. The Never Ending Story Is Dead (Live)

Download from Mediafire
- skate punk / melodic hardcore -
[ - MySpace - ]

Cleave is a melodic hardcore band from Japan.

- Sample song: Bright Night Sky -

Wednesday, January 11, 2012

Fact - Burundanga (2012)

01. FOSS
02. 1000 Miles
03. Pink Rolex
04. Melt
05. Tonight
06. Polyrhythm Winter
07. _
08. Eighty Six
09. Crying
10. Mimic
11. 1-4
12. GSMD
13. Temptation
14. Give Up
15. Empty Mind

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- ??? -
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New Fact album. I really dont know how to describe this new record, they just dont play any metallic skatepunk anymore. This is what they say about their music:
“The band started out being a metallic hardcore band, but then started developing from there,” explains guitarist Kazuki. “We kept adding new sounds to it; bringing in elements of dance music, electronica, synths, and a lot of poppy, catchy tracks, and having all that come together. We’re trying to do something a little bit different than your typical band.”

- Sample song: Tonight -

Tuesday, January 10, 2012

Lastkaj 14 - Som En Dålig Film (2011)

01. Håll Höjd
02. Jag Blundar
03. Mänsklighetens Snara
04. När Luften Tar Slut
05. Visst Fan Har Vi Kul
06. Till Alla Er
07. Som På Räls
08. Släpp Mig
09. Ett Tillstånd Av Blått
10 Tick Tack
11 Lycklig Nu

Download from Mediafire
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Now, finally the sequel to the debut album 'I Brist På Annat' is here! 'Som En Dålig Film' contains 11 epic anthems where every single song has the potential to become a future classic. For those who like fast, melodic punk at its best, this album should be mandatory in the record collection With "Som en dålig film", Lastkaj 14 cements their place as one of the most important Swedish punk bands today!

- Sample song: Ett Tillstånd Av Blått -

Monday, January 9, 2012

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Are you in?

Sunday, January 8, 2012

Main Line 10 - Today Is Tomorrow (2011)

01. Loud & Clear
02. Government, Inc
03. Union
04. True Friends (ft. Steven Rawles)
05. Don't Let It Go
06. Despertar
07. Time For Changes
08. Gabi's Van
09. Fight For Them
10. Liners Diary
11. Wonderwall (Oasis Cover)

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- skate punk / melodic hardcore -
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Main Line 10 is a skate punk / melodic hardcore band from Mallorca, Spain. 'Today Is Tomorrow' is their first full length, 11 powerfull tracks full of energy, pure melodic HC /punk rock or as the define themselves: "melodic happy-freak core". Don't miss the special collaboration with Steve Rawles (Belvedere , This Is A Standoff...) and the nice "Wonderwall"cover.

- Sample song: Liners Diary -

Saturday, January 7, 2012

[NEWS] New 'Line-Up' song from their upcoming EP

The canadian skate punk band Line-Up relased a new song, 'Keep In Mind (Best Of Times)' that can be listen below from their upcoming EP that will be out really soong.

Check the forum post and their facebook page for more info.

Thursday, January 5, 2012

Skatepunkers Record Of The Year Award 2011 Results

1. Mute - Thunderblast
2. Atlas Losing Grip - State Of Unrest
3. Heartsounds - Drifter
4. Frenzal Rhomb - Smoko At The Pet Food Factory
5. Jet Market - Sparks Against Darkness
6. The Decline - Are You Gonna Eat That?

Check the forum post to see the votes along with a top 15 with other bands.


Misplace - ¿A Quien Engañaras Cuando Hayamos Muerto? EP (2012)

01. Hundido En La Indiferencia
02. Crecimiento Irracional
03. Recuerda
04. Al Margen
05. El Camino Fácil

Download from Mediafire
- melodic hardcore punk -
[ - Facebook - ]
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Misplace is a band from Burgos (Spain) that became a reality when Miguel and Alex decided to meet to play the music that they like. The band close lines with Alvar, de Lagos and Monje.
They have released a demo tape, and then played across the country with national and international bands; then, recorded their debut full lenght album, becaming part of the labels Fragment records in Spain and HSF records in Japan.

You can buy this album for only 1€.

- Sample song: Al Margen -

Tuesday, January 3, 2012

Lockdown - For Today (2004)

01. The Show
02. Alice
03. Falling days
04. Cockface
05. Thinking back
06. BlowJob
07. Falling Days
Download from Mediafire
- skate punk / melodic hardcore -
[ - Forum - ]

Lockdown was a melodic hardcore band from Bologna (italy). The band was active for one year and half, between 2004-2005 This EP is the only work of the band that splits up in 2005.
I didnt know this band before and they are very very good. They have a so fucking awesome skatepunk sound with awesome melodies! Must download!

- Sample song: The Show -

[NEWS] New 'Fair Do's' song with new singer

Fair Do's
play fast aggressive melodic punk from UK. They have now released a new song, Cross The Line, with a new singer, Sean Arnold, ex-singer of Sicktrick. Listen below!

Check the forum post and their Facebook page for more info!

Monday, January 2, 2012

Minority Of One - South West Coast EP (2011)

01. Minority Of One
02. My Board
03. 1933
04. Start Over
05. Break Out!
06. Disconnected

Download from Mediafire
- skate punk / melodic hardcore -
[ - Bandcamp - ]

Minority Of One is a new side project of members of Trouth Through Fight, Dead FM and Pacto de Sangre. The band recorded their 'South West Coast' demo, mixed and mastered by Álvaro Brady at La Resort Studio (El Puerto de Sta. María – Andalucía) between September and December of 2011 and produced by Álvaro Brady and Minority Of One.
All songs by Minority Of One except Disconnected (originally by Face To Face).

For fans of Good Riddance, Kid Dynamite and Strike Anywhere.

- Sample song: My Board -

Sunday, January 1, 2012



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